Helpful Information and FAQs for Your Wedding Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

And my answers to them

Before your wedding

How do we book?
What happens after we book?
When do we pay?
Will there be any hidden costs?
What are your terms & conditions?
What should we know about insurance?
Which geographical areas do you cover?
What if your packages don’t fit our requirements?
Will we meet you before the wedding?
Will you visit our venue before the wedding day?

At your wedding

How long will you stay at our wedding?
Will it be you photographing our wedding?
What happens if you can't attend?
What exactly does a second photographer do?
What will you wear at our wedding?

After your wedding

When do we get our pictures?
Who edits the pictures?
Can we have some black & white pictures?
How do we choose the pictures for our album?
Can friends & family see our online gallery?
How do we order prints and canvasses?
Will our pictures be in the right format to share on social media?
Also check out my set of helpful short videos in which I answer the questions most commonly asked by couples.

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