Helpful Information and FAQs for Your Wedding Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

And my answers to them

Before your wedding

How do we book?
Simply complete the online booking form. If you have any questions then please ask. I’m always happy to help with even the simplest queries.
What happens after we book?
You don’t need to do anything for a while. Nearer to the wedding date I will ask you for more information about the day and we will arrange to meet up and go over your ideas and itinerary. I will let you know when it’s time for this so for now you can leave it all in my capable hands and focus on the rest of your wedding planning.
When do we pay?
A £400 deposit is payable at the time of booking in order to secure your date then the balance is due 30 days before the wedding.
Will there be any hidden costs?
No, my prices include everything. The only extra might be a 45p/mile travel add-on if Google Maps shows your venue to be over 35 miles from Tunbridge Wells.
What are your terms & conditions?
You can see them here.
What should we know about insurance?
I am fully covered for all eventualities including public liability. You can see more about insurance here.
Which geographical areas do you cover?
I cover all areas of Kent, Surrey and Sussex and can travel further afield too. I have a special package for overseas weddings.
What if your prices don’t fit our requirements?
The choices I offer are simply a way of saving money over choosing individual options. If they don’t quite work for you then let me know and we will look at the best way to match what you need.
Will we meet you before the wedding?
Absolutely! I will arrange a meeting a few weeks beforehand to go over your itinerary, formal groups list and to plan out the photo timings together. Typically this meeting will be at the venue.
Will you visit our venue before the wedding day?
I will never turn up at a wedding without having familiarised myself with the venue. It’s essential for me to know the best locations and wet weather alternatives.

At your wedding

How long will you stay at our wedding?
This depends on which choice you go for. Choices Two, Three & Four include a whole day of photography. This means I will get the first shots during your morning preparations and will stay until about an hour after your first dance. If you have anything special planned for later on (such as a sparkler tunnel or fireworks), you can easily add extra coverage time, at £135 per hour.
Will it be you photographing our wedding?
Yes, it will always be me. If you have chosen to include a second photographer, I will bring one of my fabulous team with me.
What happens if you can't attend?
I have never been unable to attend any shoot but if a last minute catastrophe really does occur I have several backup options in place. As well as my lovely team of second photographers, my membership with BIPP gives me access to many of the best photographers in the country. I’ve definitely got this one covered.
What exactly does a second photographer do?
Their role is to cover the parts of your day that I can’t. In particular they will be with the groom and groomsmen during their getting ready moments, capture a different angle during the ceremony and to provide greater coverage of the day.
What will you wear at our wedding?
I will be smart but unobtrusive. Let me know if you have a particular dress code. I will NEVER turn up in trainers or jeans (unless you want me to).

After your wedding

When do we get our pictures?
If agreed beforehand I will post a mini preview of 3 pictures on my Facebook page the day after the wedding. I’ll tag you so you can see and share them.

At the pre wedding meeting we will set a date for your viewing which will be around 2 weeks after the wedding. This is the big reveal of your wedding collection set to sound, viewed in style on a huge screen and with bubbly in hand. This is also an opportunity to decide on your wedding album options as well as more from the beautiful range of products.

A private online gallery will be ready about 1 week later which you can share and people can purchase prints.
Who edits the pictures?
This is always me. I shoot for the edit, meaning that as I photograph your day I am thinking about how the book will look and where the individual pictures might be displayed. This makes for a smooth edit process and also means that your book flows nicely.
Can we have some black & white pictures?
Yes, I always include a number of black and white images. Certain types of picture lend themselves particularly well to monochrome conversion.
How do we choose the pictures for our album?
This is the fun bit and is done at your viewing session which is around 2 weeks after the wedding
Can friends & family see our online gallery?
Of course and they can buy things too. Tell them what you'd like and you might even get an extra wedding present!
You can give the gallery link and password to anyone you like - no one will be able to access the gallery without them.
How do we order prints and canvasses?
You can order directly from the online gallery by clicking the trolley icon next to a picture or you can order items directly from me at any time up to 12 months after your wedding date.
Will our pictures be in the right format to share on social media?
Absolutely! You can send pictures directly to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + accounts from your online gallery, without even needing to download them first.
Also check out my set of helpful short videos in which I answer the questions most commonly asked by couples.

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