Kent Wedding Photographer - Helpful Videos

Helpful Videos

My help & advice to you on various wedding photography topics, face-to-face

Introducing Alan Harbord
I introduce myself & explain why I created The Wedding Series
(3 mins)

Choosing a wedding photographer
My advice on what to look for & how to analyse a photograph for its technical quality
(3:30 mins)

Photographic style
I describe my wedding photographic style
(3:45 mins)

Should we also have formal group photos?
Why you might want them & how I go about taking them with minimal fuss
(2:22 mins)

Do we need an engagement shoot?
I explain why you should consider a pre-wedding shoot
(1:58 mins)

Winter weddings
Why low light & dark rooms don't have to compromise your wedding photos
(2:42 mins)

What if it rains?
Here's why you shouldn't worry about the weather
(2:40 mins)

What happens after we book?
Here is what you can expect to happen next after booking
(2:54 mins)

When do we get our photos?
I explain the post-wedding process of designing, editing and approving your wedding book
(2:41 mins)

Also check out my FAQ page which is split into questions about the periods before, during and after the wedding.

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